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Never mind me, this is the single sexiest Benedict moment to me.

…of murder, mystery and mayhem.

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I have been waiting for this post my entire life.

Gonna scream

our fandom, guys. In our mid-hiatus glory

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What were your favourite memories filming season three?

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It’s raining, it’s pouring

Sherlock is boring.

I’m laughing, I’m crying

Sherlock is dying.

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human error

We know, because Benedict has talked about his process, that he is a very thorough, precise actor.  Every expression you see, every emotion you see in Sherlock, was intentional and planned by Ben.  Nothing he does in an accident.  Nothing you see on Sherlock’s face, or in his eyes, is there by chance.

Just sayin.

Not only that, but when they chose the shots to put in the final cut of the show, these are the ones they chose.  They chose these raw, emotional, close-ups of Sherlock’s face (not to mention the ones of John). We aren’t “reading something into it,” the love these two have for each other is deliberately, repeatedly, placed on the screen, by the actors, directors, writers, producers, editors, and everyone else involved.

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Some people just stay the whole day procrastinating on the internet, watch too much tv shows and are emotionally invested in fictional characters a lot more than is safe for mental health.



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Sherlock Season 3 (behind the scenes)

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Benedict reading the lyrics to R. Kelly’s song

Oh good loRDY JESUS

i will never be over this

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(Mind Palace) Molly Hooper

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